About Loma Ridge Elementary PTA

At Loma Ridge Elementary PTA, our passion lies in elevating the educational experience and nurturing a supportive environment for our cherished students, dedicated educators, and engaged families. Through an array of programs, events, and initiatives, our mission is to provide enriching opportunities that foster learning, personal development, and a vibrant sense of community.

We firmly believe that a collaborative partnership between us holds the potential to not only empower our students but also contribute significantly to the vitality and growth of our community.

Our Mission:

Loma Ridge Elementary PTA is committed to partnering with staff, families, and the broader community to cultivate a secure and nurturing learning environment. We empower all students, socially, emotionally, and academically, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive.

Goals for 2023 – 2024:

In the upcoming academic year, Loma Ridge Elementary PTA is determined to:

1. Enhance Cultural and Educational Programs: We provide robust support for cultural and educational initiatives at Loma Ridge Elementary School.
2. Foster Community Spirit: Our aim is to bolster school spirit, promote family unity, and actively engage in humanitarian efforts within our community.
3. Increase PTA Engagement: We aspire to stimulate interest and involvement in our PTA while heightening awareness of its pivotal role in unlocking students’ full potential.
4. Mobilize Volunteer Support: We actively encourage and organize volunteer assistance for school and PTA programs and events.
5. Purposeful Fundraising: Our purpose-driven fundraising endeavors aim to support programs and events that align with our mission of advocating for and supporting our students.

Join us in this journey as we work together to create a nurturing and inspiring environment for the young minds of Loma Ridge Elementary.